Mavericks Charter High Schools are multi-campus tuition free public charter schools within urban and diverse communities, located throughout Florida.  Since opening its campus in 2009, Mavericks’ teachers, students, administrators, leaders, and supporters have demonstrated a common commitment to the student’s success and their future.

Mavericks’ offers students who are challenged by the traditional approach to learning, a unique opportunity to earn a state-recognized high school diploma in a smaller, more individualized, self-paced high school environment. Mavericks Charter High Schools Florida are known for its exceptional educational approach and methodology, gaining recognizing by parents, students, and educators.

Message From CEO:

Our students benefit from a school designed to be simple, inviting, and reflective of a teen’s lifestyle. Mavericks is a place where everyone fits in and is welcome. It’s a great out-of-the-box experience where every student is given an opportunity to proceed at his or her own pace

Management Services: “Mavericks in Education” is the charter management organization for Mavericks Charter High Schools. It ensures that Mavericks High’s standards are maintained across all of its campuses and allows educators to focus on academics.