Mavericks High School of Osceola County

Mavericks High of Osceola County is a Tuition Free Public Charter High School located at 1100 North Main Street Kissimmee, FL 34741.

They can be reached by phone Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at (321) 250-1871.


Principal Carl Martin


The Principal of Mavericks High School of Osceola County, located in Kissimmee, Florida is Carl Martin.  He can be contacted at (321) 250-1871.

The Governance Board Members of New Alternative Education of Osceola County include:

Bruce Gillet, Gary Smith, Daniel Rivera Sr, Paul Patterson, James MacGregor, Melissa N. Cooper, Mark Ezzard.

Mavericks High is managed by Mavericks in Education Florida, LLC. The management company can be contacted at 4500 PGA Blvd., Ste 302, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418. School Organization Chart

Parent Association Chairperson for Mavericks High of Kissimmee is Mrs. Veronica Torres. She can be contacted at or (321) 250-1871.

Concerns email:


Diploma Types

Mavericks High Schools offers traditional high school diplomas. Our Schools are all SACS Accredited.  A list of Diploma Types offered can be found on this document. Mavericks High School Diploma Types


Student Handbook

Mavericks High School promotes personal integrity with an emphasis on the lifelong learning process. There are rules and standards required with our Student Handbook.  Mavericks High School Student Handbook


Graduation Requirements

The Graduation Requirements for a standard diploma in Florida can be found in Florida Statute Sections 1003.4282 and Section 1002.3105.  Mavericks High offers both the 24-credit and the 18-credit ACCEL option.  More information can be found at the FLDOE Website.


Accounting | Finance

We maintain a copy of our most recent audited financials and approved budget online.  Please find the most recent approved budget.  Please find the most recent audited financials.

School Location

School Improvement Plan

A School Improvement Plan (“SIP”) is intended to be the primary artifact used by every school with stakeholders to review data, set goals, create an action plan and monitor progress. The SIP for Osceola is currently being developed and will be posted on this website.

Annual Measurable Objectives | School Grade

Mavericks High follows the FLDOE alternative grading system in which our school will achieve a rating as Maintaining, Improving, or Declining. Additional information can be found on the FLDOE Website. We post our Annual Measurable Objectives here.

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  • Osceola Board Meeting
    The Governance Board of New Alternative Education of Osceola is having a meeting being held Tuesday, September 15 2015 at 4:30pm. The meeting will be held at 1100 North Main Street, Kissimmee FL 34741. This meeting is open to the public          
  • Osceola County Mavericks
    Stay tuned for upcoming events, more information about the staff, and other exiciting updates that will appear on this website.