Mavericks High in Kissimmee

Mavericks High of Osceola County is located at 1100 North Main Street Kissimmee, FL 34741.

They can be reached by phone Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at (321) 250-1871.

This school has been serving Kissimmee since 2009 .


School Leader: Carl Martin

Assistant School Leader: Veronica Torres

Any questions regarding this school or enrollment can be addressed by calling (321) 250-1871.

Mavericks High follows the FLDOE alternative grading system in which our school will achieve a rating as Maintaining, Improving, or Declining. Additional information can be found on the FLDOE Website.

Mavericks Highis managed by Mavericks in Education Florida, LLC. The management company can be contacted at 301 Southern Blvd West Palm Beach, FL 33405.

Concerns email:

School Blog Posts


Mavericks North Miami High School promotes personal integrity with an emphasis on the lifelong learning process. The goal of Mavericks North Miami High School’s Academic Integrity Policy is to ensure that teachers, students, and parents understand and practice values and skills that result in an academically honest environment.

As part of the approach to learning, students learn the value of thoughtful investigation, of giving others credit for their work, and of synthesizing information so that it becomes part of the students’ body of knowledge, rather than an empty exercise in copying others’ creations. Students also learn to recognize when collaboration is appropriate and when it is not appropriate.

Congrats to the Class of 2014!

We at Mavericks High, with the sincerest of hearts, are delighted to congratulate the Class of 2014!!! Our students have worked diligently. They showed us what perseverance looks like, as they pushed past the obstacles that tried to impede their success—until they ultimately arrived at the finish line. Over the span of eight graduations, we proudly watched 573 students gleaming in satin white robes, arrive as our students, but leave as our graduates! We laughed, cried, and beamed with pride alongside their family and friends, to congratulate them on this great and momentous achievement. The course for our students does not stop here however. We are pleased to announce that an overwhelming majority of our graduates will be continuing on into post-secondary education institutions! We wish our graduates all the best! The future only gets brighter for them from here!

Mavericks High Students Give Back!

On Wednesday, April 25, Mavericks High of Osceola hosted its first ever, blood drive. Together with Florida’s Blood Centers (FBC), the event was a great success. Students both volunteered and participated as donors for the event. At the end of the event there were 87 prospective donors that registered and 64 units of blood collected. This contributed to a total of 192 lives that are expected to be saved in Central Florida Hospitals as a result. We are so proud of our students for making a difference in their communities by contributing to their community’s blood supply.

According to Florida’s Blood Centers, every two seconds someone needs blood and about 1 in 7 people entering the hospital need blood. Despite this however, of the 38% who are eligible to donate, only 10% actually do. It takes only one pint of blood to actually save up to three lives. FBC also estimates that if all blood donors gave three times a year, blood shortages would be a rare event. Moreover, it estimates that if only one more percent of all Americans would give blood, blood shortages would disappear for the foreseeable future.

Together, Mavericks High of Osceola and Florida’s Blood Centers are saving lives!

Mavericks and Nike Unite

We are pleased to announce a new partnership between Mavericks High of Osceola and Nike, Inc.! Nike, Inc. who has the motto, “A Shoe. A Company. A Journey,” has chosen to take us along for the ride on this journey to success with them. The Nike-Mavericks Project, established in November 2011, was formed to help provide employment opportunities for our students.

In its pilot form, this project was initiated when Nike came to the campus and interviewed thirty students of which they selected six. Those six then continued on in an 8-week pilot program. During this period, the students were paired with mentors from Nike who taught and introduced them to different aspects of the retail business; in addition to different life skills. Upon the completion of the program, four of the students were offered full time employment with Nike.

Due to the great success of this pilot program, Nike and Mavericks High of Osceola have turned what was just a relationship, into a bona fide partnership geared for success. Nike has already requested to make their visits twice a year. In addition, they have secured 25-30 positions at five (of their) different stores throughout Osceola and Orange County for Mavericks’ students. This is sure to be the beginning of many great things to come from this great partnership.

Mavericks Mission & Vision

Our Mission – Motivate, Educate, and Graduate

Our Mission at Mavericks High School is to provide students with an innovative, non-traditional, technology-based learning environment in order to motivate our learners to fulfill their potential, both academically and socially.

We are committed to educating our students through individualized instruction that is tailored to meet each student’s needs. The goal of Mavericks High School is to not only MOTIVATE, EDUCATE, and GRADUATE our students, but also to CULTIVATE life-long learners.

Our Vision – To provide the groundwork for continued success for a lifetime of achievement

Mavericks High Schools offer students, who are challenged by the traditional approach to learning, the opportunity to earn a state-recognized high school diploma. We recognize that the students we serve require a solid high school education, job preparedness, and readiness for continuing education.