What is a Maverick?

“Webster defines a Maverick as, “an independent individual who does not go along with a group or party.” We believe this definition fitting of many teens today, as well as ages past. Throughout history, it has been confirmed that being a “Maverick” has resulted in phenomenal success within their respective endeavors and should be recognized accordingly.”

Our Students

We see many at-risk and dropout students as the “game changers” or “Mavericks” of tomorrow and our future leaders. These surprising talented teens are too often misunderstood and otherwise relegated to failure. At Mavericks Charter High Schools, students who may not have fit within the “box” of a traditional educational approach; find us better suited to their lifestyle and specific needs.

If you are between the ages of 15-21 with a strong desire to graduate and start living your dream – find out how! With flexible half day schedules, work at your own pace, attend school year round, and web based online learning – it is even possible to graduate within 2-3 years with our fast track graduation program!

Mavericks’ Education Model

  • Serves ages 15-21 who may not fit in the traditional education system
  • Serves those who are likely to drop out or who have already dropped out of school
  • Serves those who recognize the importance of furthering their education
  • Serves those that have a strong desire to obtain a State Certified Florida High School Diploma, not GED.
  • Students who want to graduate by working at their own pace. Link to graduation requirements
  • Flexible schedule to fit the student’s lifestyle needs: Three-5 hour sessions, morning, mid-day, and evening (morning & afternoon at most schools. Some offer 3 sessions Link to Flexible Schedules
  • Low Teacher/Student Ratios: smaller classrooms with three teachers and two assistants per classroom – Updated computers for all students
  • Unique Blended Learning Link to Curriculum
  • Extended year program: No summers off with shorter daily school hours
  • January through June

Blended Learning Approach

  • Web-Based Computer Online Learning
  • Direct Instruction- Teachers
  • One-on-One individualized Tutoring
  • Special Education – ESOL
  • Intensive Reading/Math

Work Study Skills

  • Work/Career Curriculum (link to curriculum)
  • Mavericks Career Center and coordinator at each school
  • Opportunity to Earn Ready-to-Work Credential
  • Focus on Attendance and Completion

Social-Emotional Well being

  • Frequent Monitoring of Social-Emotional Needs
  • Instructional Mentor for Each Student
  • Motivating Partners and Role Models
  • Unique and Purposeful Facility Design
  • Student Incentives


  • Postsecondary Plan – for all Students (link to post graduation)
  • Career Exploration Opportunities
  • Skills for Life Progress Monitoring