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Featuring the 18 credit hour graduation track!  Traditional, State of Florida, High School Diploma!

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Helpful Staff

At Mavericks High School, we understand that a positive relationship between the student and teacher is imperative for the success of the student and the school.  We know that many of our students need extra attention in order to move through the curriculum and graduate.  Our staff will work with you to make graduation a real possibility.


You Can Graduate!

Despite whatever hardships you have faced at your previous school, Mavericks High can help you.  We have a great student to teach ratio, we prepare graduation plans with each and every student that matriculates and we enable you for success.

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Campus Life

Our students work together on group projects, during direct instruction, and extracurricular activities.  Bring your friends to Mavericks High if you believe they will benefit from our high tech approach and friendly staff.

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Mastery Based Approach

Students work at their own pace, earning credits once they understand the subject matter.  Should a student attempts a quiz or test that they are unprepared for, they teacher will see that there is a problem and be able to meet with the student for direct instruction.  The material will be presented in a way that the student can understand.

Direct Instuction

Different learners need to absorb instruction in their own optimal way.  Some people are better readers, auditory learners, and require different types of interaction.  We break groups of students into push ins and pull outs to optimize the student instruction.  We have a track record of success with teaching fundamentals that students may be lacking in order to take the next step.  This translates into credit production.

Corporate Headquarters

The Corporate Headquarters is not a school.  It is the office for the management company that handles accounting, management, marketing, and etc.  The office hours are 9 am till 5 pm, Monday – Friday.


4500 PGA Boulevard

Ste #300

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418


Available Now

Mavericks High School offers all the courses necessary to earn a traditional High School Diploma in the State of Florida.  We offer more than the requirements to give students some choices and interesting electives.  We offer everything from World History to Art, from Media Literacy to Geometry.

Upcoming Online Courses

We are currently working to provide additional courses for career oriented students that may not be considering college.  In addition to professional certifications Mavericks High is working to provide designations that will make students that graduate as career ready as possible.


Technology Services

Mavericks High utilities cutting edge technology.  We use thin clients on virtual servers to allow for increased safety and control of what goes on at the school level.  Reduced power consumption is an additional benefit from our existing setup and served as one of the driving factors in our decision making.  Our school have hardwired computers that have access to online curriculum that maintains student progress in both the curriculum providers system and the student information system.


Campus Clubs

Mavericks High is not a traditional secondary school.  Many of our students have full time or part time jobs and while not all of the student body has the ability to participate in Campus Clubs, there do exist various clubs at the school.  From the Yearbook Committee to the Blue Stars.  There is a place for any diverse talent.

Shifts and Sessions

The school session is 5 hours and many of our schools have several shifts.  Morning, afternoon, and nighttime shifts allow for students with any schedule to make time for their achievement of a traditional high school diploma.  Simply contact your school of interest to obtain their current schedule and class offerings.